Fertilizarea in vitro - FIV
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WilliamCollins48 wrote:
Hello, I am desperately looking for answers right now. So far have searched a lot of discussion communities but yet am undecided. Actually, my wife had a tubal about 10 years ago. She was determined not to have any more child. However, things have changed now. She is already in her 40's and I feel it might be risky if she tries to conceive now. IVF has been suggested by many, but at the same time, I am wondering if tubal reversal surgery is going to work for her. If the members here can interpret my language and give me some suitable advice it would be great.

In the 40's IVF is the appropriate method to conceive. You may be lucky and conceive naturally in a short time after the tubal reversal, but how much time do you have? also, she might experience another tubal pregnancy, there are risks.
You won't find the proper answer on communities like this one, you need to see a doctor and an evaluation of both of you.
Good luck! Don't waste any more time!
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Din pacate si fertilizarea in vitro are foarte multe esecuri !
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